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Decorative refractory board supplier 24 hours in the city served 2 years warranty pledge

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Customer service hotline: 0755-86215881

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National Service Hotline

Telephone: 0755-86215881 or 0755-86215884

Fax: 0755-25534569

E-mail: Greenia@bydszdn.cn

WeChat public number: green fire prevention board

Office address: 2 building in Mabian Industrial Zone, Baoan 72 District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Xingda Xingdong business center 208

Sales center: 1 floor, B building, Hai Hao science and Technology Industrial Park, Zheng Xiang Road, Laguna Colorada village, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Heads of other regions

Head of Southern China and southwest China

Contact: manager Yan

Tel: 13510865073
WeChat: 13510865073

Head of northwest and Northeast China

Contact: Manager ho

Tel: 13510866473

WeChat: 13510866473

East China leader

Contact: Ms. Wu

Tel: 13902905543
WeChat: 13902905543

Head of export business

Contact: manager Yang

Tel: 13510868743

WeChat: 13510868743
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